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By Dan Couvrette, CEO, Divorce Marketing Group, Divorce Magazine and Family Lawyer Magazine.

Guest: Judge Michele Lowrance, Circuit Court, Cook County, Illinois. Judge Lowrance spent 20 years as a domestic relations lawyer prior to becoming a Domestic Relations Judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County in 1995. She authored the book The Good Karma Divorce and has been a guest on Good Morning America, The CBS Morning Show, CNN, ABC and other shows. She also appeared, produced and hosted radio shows and is a regular guest lecturer.


  • Judge Michele Lowrance shares skills that are not taught in law schools
  • Find out the 3 levels of pain divorcing people experience and what divorce attorneys can do to help
  • Why developing “Emotional Intelligence” is vital to lawyers
  • How her ‘Reality Map’ helps lawyers keep their fees and clients’ emotions and expectations in line
  • How the legal system needs to be updated
  • How her book, The Good Karma Divorce, helps people heal from divorce
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