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We have seen flat fees being used by some family lawyers, mediators and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts. These professionals remain to be the minority. While the marketing benefits of the flat fees approach is little bit more certain, most professionals are concerned about how to make it work and what might some of the downside be. This month's TeleSeminar is an exploration of the advantages of charging flat fees rather than billing hours.

Our guest speaker, Lee Rosen, has employed fixed fees exclusively in his 10-attorney practice for more than a decade. He will explain how, in his view, the hourly billing model doesn't work anymore for family lawyers. It drives practices in directions that make for unhappy lawyers and unhappy clients and that there's got to be a better way.

His approach has evolved into to a win-win arrangement for his firm, his lawyers and his clients. In this teleseminar, Rosen will:

1. Explain the rationale for flat fees, 2. Provide practical insight into how he makes it work, 3. Tell the story of how his transition to fixed fees nearly put him out of business, and 4. Explain the practical economics of running a practice without the burden of keeping time records.

About Our Guest Speaker – Lee Rosen, Family Law Attorney

Lee began his legal career in 1987 and is the founder of the Rosen Law Firm. As Rosen's Chief Executive Officer, Lee oversees strategic planning, staff development and fiscal management. Never idle, he has served as a Council member of the North Carolina Bar Association Family Law Section and Law Practice Management Section, as chairperson of several committees of the American Bar Association, and as editor of Family Forum, a publication of the North Carolina Bar Association. As if that weren't enough, he serves as a member of the editorial board of the Family Advocate, the largest circulation family law publication in the country, and he is a legal advisor to the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, which included working on the Model Code on Domestic Violence.

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