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Divorce Magazine Teleseminar: An Insurance Expert Discusses a New Product
Designed to Protect Divorcees in Cases of Future Disability
Hosted By: Dan Couvrette, CEO, Divorce Magazine 
Guest Speaker: Financial Advisor & Founder of The Bloch Agency - Ken Bloch Sr.
Divorce often creates cause for concern regarding your family’s financial future.
Fortunately, The Bloch Agency has developed a brand new insurance product
that reduces future financial stress for people who are going through divorce, by guaranteeing that alimony, child support, and other expenses will be covered in cases of future disability.
Speaker Bio: The founder of The Bloch Agency, Ken Bloch Sr. is also one of the 
founding partners of The Plus Group, the nation’s premier disability marketing 
organization. With over 40 years of experience, Ken is regarded as a leader in the insurance industry. He has been published in Life Insurance Selling, Broker World, and The Charlotte Observer; he was also a keynote speaker at Disability Income Officers Roundtable, served on the NAIFA 2012/2013 Board of Directors, and was named 2007 Financial Advisor of the Year.
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