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Whether you are a seasoned family lawyer or are new to the practice of family law, maintaining and enhancing your reputation, especially your online reputation is critical to your success. Insufficient and/or unflattering information about you online is bound to raise concerns among prospective clients who Google you. And, we know they will Google you, even if you were referred to them.


Martha Chan on 4 Key Marketing Strategies in 2016

Divorce Magazine Teleseminar: An Insurance Expert Discusses a New Product
Designed to Protect Divorcees in Cases of Future Disability
Hosted By: Dan Couvrette, CEO, Divorce Magazine 
Guest Speaker: Financial Advisor & Founder of The Bloch Agency - Ken Bloch Sr.
Divorce often creates cause for concern regarding your family’s financial future.
Fortunately, The Bloch Agency has developed a brand new insurance product
that reduces future financial stress for people who are going through divorce, by guaranteeing that alimony, child support, and other expenses will be covered in cases of future disability.
Speaker Bio: The founder of The Bloch Agency, Ken Bloch Sr. is also one of the 
founding partners of The Plus Group, the nation’s premier disability marketing 
organization. With over 40 years of experience, Ken is regarded as a leader in the insurance industry. He has been published in Life Insurance Selling, Broker World, and The Charlotte Observer; he was also a keynote speaker at Disability Income Officers Roundtable, served on the NAIFA 2012/2013 Board of Directors, and was named 2007 Financial Advisor of the Year.

For many firms, word-of-mouth (a.k.a. "referral") marketing is the lifeblood of their marketing effort. However, quite often, most firms are passive or needlessly conventional with this important source of new business. They either take a wait and see approach, or they use old strategies that aren't taking advantage of new technologies.

To really achieve the full benefits of referral marketing, you need to ensure that they're proactive and dynamic. Tune in and find out:

  1. The 3 step process to nurturing your referral network
  2. 15 practical ways to keep the referrals coming, including:
    • How to create a memorable experience for your client
    • Thanking your referral sources 3 times
    • Using Social Media: Linkedin, facebook company page, google+
    • Using workshops, teleseminar or podcasts
    • Getting your articles published
    • Mingling with professionals who are not in your industry, and more

About our Guest Speaker: Dan Couvrette, CEO, Divorce Marketing Group, Publisher of Family Lawyer Magazine and Divorce Magazine, and Martha Chan, V.P. Marketing of Divorce Marketing Group, Editorial Director of Family Lawyer Magazine and Divorce Magazine. Both Martha and Dan have over 30 years of marketing experience and have spent the past 16 years promoting divorce professionals.

Divorce Marketing Group is the only marketing agency dedicated to helping family lawyers and divorce professionals grow their practices. We understand the divorce market better than any other agency and can help divorce professionals effectively reach divorcing people with the best message possible


By Dan Couvrette, CEO, Divorce Marketing Group, Divorce Magazine and Family Lawyer Magazine.

Guest: Judge Michele Lowrance, Circuit Court, Cook County, Illinois. Judge Lowrance spent 20 years as a domestic relations lawyer prior to becoming a Domestic Relations Judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County in 1995. She authored the book The Good Karma Divorce and has been a guest on Good Morning America, The CBS Morning Show, CNN, ABC and other shows. She also appeared, produced and hosted radio shows and is a regular guest lecturer.


  • Judge Michele Lowrance shares skills that are not taught in law schools
  • Find out the 3 levels of pain divorcing people experience and what divorce attorneys can do to help
  • Why developing “Emotional Intelligence” is vital to lawyers
  • How her ‘Reality Map’ helps lawyers keep their fees and clients’ emotions and expectations in line
  • How the legal system needs to be updated
  • How her book, The Good Karma Divorce, helps people heal from divorce

Are you getting less clients than before? Are you a new family lawyer who just started a new practice and want more clients? Or do you simply want to grow your practice? Do you know why other law firms are growing and yours is not?

No matter where you are at with your family law practice, if you want more clients, you need to attend this Marketing Teleseminar. In this Marketing Teleseminar, we will share with your our 3R Marketing principles and show you how you can be:

  • Recognized
  • Remembered and
  • Retained

Teleseminar Leader

Dan Couvrette, CEO of Divorce Marketing Group,Family Lawyer Magazineand Divorce Magazine, is a recognized expert at promoting divorce professionals and helping them grow their practices.


This TeleSeminar is for all divorce professionals who think they hate marketing or bristle at the thought of having to market their business. In this TeleSeminar we will:

  1. Take a look at all of the traditional marketing techniques which non-marketers absolutely abhor
  2. Attempt to show you how a person who does not want to do any of those basic things can promote their own practice
  3. show you some simple steps non-marketers can take to promote their profession without feeling like they are marketing in the same way that marketers do.

Our guest speaker for this Teleseminar is Mark A. Chinn. Mark is a Jackson, Mississippi attorney who is listed in The Best Lawyers in America in Family Law and the founder of the family-law firm Chinn & Associates. He is the author of How To Build and Manage a Family Law Practice and a contributing author of How to Capture and Keep Clients, both published by the American Bar Association. He can be reached at (601) 366-4410 and (888) 477-4410. View his Divorce Magazine profile.


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